Al ghassab is an advertising company, that effectively used on board works and printing works.
We assure the quality of our project.
.متخصصون في صناعة وتصميم وتركيب اللوحات الإعلانية والدعائية للدوائر الحكومية والشركات التجارية
مخفية أو أمامية LED لوحات حروف استيل مجسم + وجه إكرليك إضاءة
مخفية أو أمامية LED لوحات حروف زنكور مدهون + وجه إكرليك إضاءة

We mainly focused on Display Board Works, Flex Works, Name Board, Neon, Zincore Board ...etc.

  • تصميم وتركيب واجهات كلادينج وواجهات خشبية
  • تصميم وتركيب استيكر   سيارات
  • لوحات نيون + لوحات اكراليك
  • لوحات إستاند حديد للمشاريع
  • لوحات فلكس فيس
  • لوحات زنكور واستيل مع إضاءة
    LED خلفية
  • لوحات استيل (ذهبي) مع إضاءة
    LED خلفية


Al Ghassab Advertising company provides Large Display Board and other Printing Board works. These services are completed utilizing the advanced machine and contemporary technology. We are highly acknowledged.

Sign Boards

Advertising is one of the most usable identity of business. We use only high quality of board works.

  • Neon Works
  • Zincore Works
  • Led Works
  • Stainless Steel

Flex Works

Each and every business should be needed to highlighting their business trademark. So we give quality flex and print output.

  • Sticker Works
  • Printing Works

Acrylic & Plastic Work

Acrylic is a type of sign board that denotes to give information about the way you can search; In other words a path sign to choose where can you go.

  • Acrylic Boards
  • Plastic Board Works

our working processin 3 steps

Al Ghassab advertising is giving you a quality output. Our working process based on different stages. Planning and Strategy, Design and Develop, Test and Deliver product to the customer.

Planning & Strategy

Planning and Strategy is most valuable step; that will help to go smoothly. We are bother about your company and your ideas.

Design & Develop

Our Working progress going under the calm atmosphere. Our workers are fully intelligent and very experienced their works.

Test & Deliver

After every work, we checks all items of your material. Our workers always beware of that. The delivery and Fitting is very fast and fully covered.



Al Ghassab Advertising is giving you the best quality output and best services.

  • Sign Board Works
  • Flex Works
  • Acrylic Works
  • Plastic Board Works

We will do in our best in your project.

Head Office Riyadh Located @ Suwaidi

Head Office Riyadh Located @ Western Ring Road - Exit 27

Our working place under our Head office. Highly skilled professionals work here. They will guide you the correct way of your works.

Branch Office @ Riyadh Thakkasusi

Branch Office @ King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Road

Our branch office works under Head office. Our all works going very smoothly and perfectly. You can ready and follow with us.


We always had this statement and we're keeping our promise. Beside Al Ghassab advertising has lots of features that wait to be discovered.